Frank Cope

:: 8/12/2019: Ajax, , USA
Frank was my fathers half brothers great grandfathers cousins neighbors mailmans sister in laws nephews cell mate ... he was a good weightlifter too

:: 5/13/2018: Mary Owen, Basildon , UK
Frank was my Brother in Law when I was married to Annís Brother David. We had many a good time together and he was a very nice man. Iím sorry to hear they have both passed away.

:: 3/4/2018: Sid cope, Canvey Island Essex, U.K.
Frank Copes Father was my fathers brother sorry to hear he has passed on

:: 2/14/2018: pat HUFTON nee Walsh , bury st Edmunds Suffolk , England
frank is my cousin his mother Emma was my mothers sister his brother is Johnny who is still alive

:: 8/7/2016: Sidney cope, Canvey Island Essex, England
Is this the same frank that lived in loulot street Dartmouth park hill during the war and I think moved to Boreham wood his mum was Emma

:: 6/23/2015: Miss Rosie Cope, Exeter Devon, Britain
Frank was my grandad and unfortunately he passed away a few years ago along with his wife Mrs Ann Cope. He is truly missed R.I.P grandad

:: 7/27/2011: Mrs Ann Cope, Shaldon, Devon , Britain
Frank is my husband and he is now 83 years old, unfortunately he is not in good health at the moment and has had a stay in a local hospital, but he is home now and slowly getting better. He trained at the Camden Town weightlifting club and his trainer was Ernie Pepiat.

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