Bob Edmond

:: 11/30/2016: george kotsu, melbourne vic, australia
Bob its George kotsu from sale we did w eight lifting at your place in the 60s

:: 4/13/2014: Tracy Holt, Ventura Ca, USA
Bob I'm Jim's friend from America. We went to high school. We started our own basketball team called the Jackson five. He talked about you so much I felt I knew you. You inspired me to lift weights and become a large man. Thanks. Haven't talked to Jim in forty years.

:: 4/26/2012: Robert Kabbas, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Hi Mal, Big Bob's best snatch was 168kg. He narrowly missed 170.5kg behind. He clean and jerked 212.5kg (ruled out for a press out) and from memory cleaned 215kg in training. Also power cleaned 200kg.

:: 4/19/2012: Mal Irwin, Brisbane QLD, Australia
What was the heaviest weight Bob Edmonds split snatched? I remember Bob was competing in the ra of squat snatching quite successfully, I believe he also did split clean.

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