Bassey Ironbar

:: 11/26/2018: Caleb Bassey , , United States
I am Patrick Bassey's Son. Which means I'm the Nephew of Ironbar and I am trying to get in contact with them. Please, if you can help Me Nkoyo,, is My email. Thank You.

:: 10/18/2017: Philip , Ajah Lagos, Nigeria
Ironbar is living around Addo-Badire road, Kings bus stop Ajah he is such a very lovely peaceful man

:: 12/30/2013: Patricia Ironbar, Jacksonville fl, usa
I want to see a pic of Bassey Ironbar, anyone have one

:: 12/15/2013: Nkoyo, , United states
his name is bassy etim ironbar on facebook

:: 4/9/2013: Robert Kabbas, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Nkoyo, I hope your dad is well. Please pass on my regards. We both competed at 1982 Commonwealth Games and he also competed at our Australian championships the following year.

:: 4/9/2013: Nkoyo Ironbar, fl, United states
Bassey ironbar is my dad who are you?

:: 10/9/2010: ola, london, united kingdom
pls i like to know where ironbar bassey is now and is he on facebook?

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