Oliver Orok

:: 4/3/2021: Asari (Your Niece) , London London , UK
Hello Uncle Oliver, how are you? Where are you? Are you OK? We are so worried not being in touch with you for a while now. The last time we spoke few years back, you told me you were moving state. Please uncle we miss you so much, try and keep in touch. You can call your brothers Charles, Bassey or me(using my email) pleasssssse. Thank you and God be with you, Amen

:: 12/14/2017: deborah owens, roxboro nc, united states
just checking in again to see how Oliver is doing. Lost telephone communication. Please forward my information .919-519-2416. thanks in advance and God bless all!

Oliver, i write to inform you of the untimely passing on of your two siblings a few weeks ago. I tried to contact you on phone, but it wasn't possible to get through to you. where are you?. I expect your call as soon as you receive this information. its urgent. you are a highly respected member of the Orok's family, that's why this information is important to you. from your brother Livinus Orok 234-07081740813 234-07037508658

:: 6/19/2015: william martin, 5905 chinquapin pkwy baltimore, md
I am Oliver's best friend and he's my daughter's godfather of Baltimore.MY name is William.I am hoping all is well with my Nigerian and BROTHER in The LORD.Hope to hear from him very soon. willylove625@gmail.com

:: 5/26/2015: charles and livinus orok, lagos lagos, nigeria
OFFICIAL STATEMENT FROM ENE-OROK FAMILY DATED 26TH MAY 2015 Sequel to our heartfelt concern a few months ago , we expressed in this medium about our inability to re-connect with our younger brother Messerís Oliver Orok OLIMPIAN GOLD MEDALIST `in the US. We are now highly pleased and satisfied as we have re-established contact with him. The communication lapse was due to change in telecommunications routing in our country He is hail and hearty and of sound health in the US. Itís important to note that Messerís Oliver Orok OLIMPIAN GOLD MEDALIST had made several desperate efforts to communicate with us but was also unable due to the problem stated above. TAKE NOTE: We hereby retract our previous comments as regards his whereabouts in the US. AND TAKE FURTHER NOTE That Messerís Oliver Orok OLIMPIAN GOLD MEDALIST is a highly responsible and well-honoured member of the Ene-Orok family of Akpabuyo, Cross Rivers State in Nigeria. He was also a great sport personality in Nigeria. We continue to wish him well and continued family support . From: PASTOR Charles Orok For Ene-Orok family of Akpabuyo, Cross Rivers State

:: 2/10/2015: Livinus Orok, Lagos , Nigeria
I desire to link up to Oliver as soon as possible to know his whereabouts.Other family members 're equally desiring to communicate with him.Oliver is my younger brother.

:: 2/10/2015: Charles Orok, Lagos , Nigeria
Oliver Orok is my younger brother.I`ve not been able to reach over a long period.The members are getting increasingly worried about him.

:: 12/27/2011: benard ironbar, , nigeria
we were very close when i was younger.....cos my elder bro was also a world heavy weight lifter......a very kool dude in those days

:: 6/12/2011: emmanuel ita, Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria
I and Oliver were buddies in high school in Nigeria. That was Hope Waddell Training Institution. We were in the same class and usually talked about his career which took him out of school lots of times as we walked home together. Just before he left for The Los Angeles Olympics, we met in Lagos. I have since lost touch with him and would be mighty grateful if you would link me to him. And let me correct any false impression, Oliver won Gold medal in the Clean and Jerk at the 1984 Olympics and Bronze medal in Snatch. I was following it live. My mobile phone number is +2348065800845 Thanks and God bless you. Emmanuel.

:: 11/8/2010: seyi brown, sherman oaks ca, united states
oliver was my friend.we lost touch b4 he left fot the staes.i just want to re-connect

:: 9/14/2010: takhumah tate, Balto. Md., USA
This Message if or Oliver just to say what up 't' from the Palace Gym in Baltimore on North Ave. I was just talking about you man

:: 9/13/2010: Magnolia, Albany or, us
Changed my email since I was last on here; not sure how to erase an old post. Deb., send me an email if you want to, let me know how your search is going, at: cmagnoliabloom@aol.com

:: 7/23/2010: Robert Kabbas, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
Oliver was by far the most muscular weightlifter I have seen in 40 years in the sport. I saw him both at the 82 Commonwealth Games and 84 Olympic Games and he trained with me a couple of times in Melbourne. Just watched a video of the 82 Games with one of my lifters (who's in pretty good shape himself) and he was blown away.

:: 7/22/2010: kingsley, connecticut Norwalk, USA
Hi Deborah, I Can put you in touch with Oliver. He was my trainer here in CT and did mention he used to live in Mayrland - cold spring lane. I am sure this is the right person you are looking for Here is my email kayo.musicuk@gmail.com

:: 7/22/2010: robin, Milford CT, USA
I don't know where he is this is a mistake

:: 7/21/2010: Robin, Milford CT, usa
Deborah, I can't get your info no phone number listed, but I know about you and where you can talk to Oliver.robina2954@yahoo.com Please contact me.

:: 2/26/2010: Magnolia, Albany orgeon, US
For Deborah Owens: awhitemagnolia74@aol.com

:: 2/26/2010: Magnolia , Albany Oregon, U.S.
Deborah, I might be able to help you in the right direction. I was his girlfriend years ago, 94-97 but emial me; we'll talk. I have a few questions for you. (p.s. I didn't know he was married!)

:: 2/21/2010: Deborah Owens, Roxboro NC, United States
I am Olivers wife since 1984 we were married in Baltimore in USA we lost contact and am desperatly seeking to communicate with him, please feel free to forward any information to both parties to allow communication between us, Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. sincerely, Deborah Owens-Orok

:: 10/19/2009: Seal 67, London London, UK
Apologies thats absolutely wrong, he didnt win an Olympic Gold, he had a world number 1 ranking and won Gold at the Commonwealth Games.

:: 10/19/2009: Seal 67, London London, United Kingdom
Brilliant website thanks very much for this, however I must comment that Oliver Orok won Gold in the Clean and Jerk and a Bronze in the Snatch at the 1984 Olympics

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