Alexey Lovchev

:: 5/31/2018: James Salemi, Franklin Park IL, USA
Dear Mr. Chidlovski: Thank You in answering my question: That is, did Lovchev's Gold Medal and World Championship victory 'stand' in 2015, (I believe Houston, USA)? The only reason I ask, is that I had believed he was found 'dirty' with an illegal sport-enhancing drug. Obviously, if this to be true, Lasha Taladazhe, (pardon me if I mis-spelled his name),must be crowned, 2015 World Super Heavyweight Champion. Thank You and THANK YOU eternally for the best web site of our sport!!

:: 12/9/2015: GHISLAIN, Sedan France, France
215+265=480 a RIO

:: 12/4/2015: James Salemi, Franklin Park Illinois, USA
Congratulations to the historic Russian Weightlifting program and Alexei Lovchev's world record performance at the Houston, USA World Championship. The USA must take heed: Olympic Weightlifting, the foundation of all athletics, must to be admitted in the National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA), as a competitive sport. Too much talent is diverted into gymnastics, wrestling, and other disciplines while our sport, 'THE KING OF SPORTS', sadly lags behind outside of the NCAA governing body.

:: 11/30/2015: enrico, Rome , Italy
Very Amazing lifter! New incredible records in c&j and total after so many years; 1 and 3 kilos more than Rezazadeh's records! I'm waiting for Rio's Olympiad games to watch him against Albegov e Salimi!

:: 11/29/2015: GHISLAIN, Sedan , France
le digne successeur des Alexeiev.. Pisarenko...Kurlovich impressionnant bravo

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