Halil Mutlu

:: 9/29/2017: AJAX, , USA
His snatch record lasted 14 years I guess that is a long time for sure

:: 9/29/2017: AJAX, , USA
Great lifter always wanted to go for gold when he was a junior but sometimes coaches want their lifters to settle for silver or bronze. He has the heart of a champion. I thought his world records would stand much longer I think he still has some records in total and jerk for his weight ? Way to go bro

:: 12/3/2014: alexzender, agartala tripura, india
please teach me how to lift the weight

:: 4/23/2011: Osama Mahmoud Sami, , Egypt
Halil Mutlu is a legendary weightlifter, he is one of very few could lift 3 times c&j his body weight,He is the best at all times.

:: 10/12/2010: rajpal , gobindgarh punjab, india
Dear,I am great fan of you.I am rajpal of age 28.I also a weight lifter some time ago.But now after an accident I lost my game. Sir in which age you start this game.

:: 8/7/2009: dhilip, thanjavur tamilnadu, india
why you are not attend bejing olympics

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