Manfred Nerlinger

:: 2/20/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
I am only speculating but from most videos I have seen with Manfred lifting I remember him hitting his openers in the snatch many times but following that he would go up in order to try and stay with his rivals and miss those higher attempts. The instance you refer to may have been one of those times when he was very fortunate to make his higher attempts. Snatching was not his best lift and as he got heavier in bwt. his consistency in the lift also suffered. He still was a talented and entertaining competitor for a pretty long career who put a scare into the Soviets once or twice I think.

:: 2/16/2015: Denis, Moscow , Russia
Manfred almost always snatched 185 kg. And in 1990 he suddenly did 197.5 and then returned to usual 185 kg. What happened? Very interesting...

:: 12/16/2013: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
This man deserves recognition.3 olympic medals. At the 1990 Europeans he totaled 455 kg to beat the great Leodin Tarenenko.

:: 11/20/2009: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Nerlinger in CM Melbourne 1993 lifted 192.5+247.5=240 ___

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