Blagoy Blagoev

:: 4/1/2017: Ajax, , USA
Lightning snatch solid super strong mind and body and from what I hear very gracious and humble

:: 9/28/2013: Craig, Australia, , Australia
Not only the greatest snatcher of all time, but a friendly man giving of his time and unbelievable knowledge freely. Phenomenal strength coach who helped me become really explosive and fast in a sport with little in common with weightlifting. Amazing and kind man

:: 8/23/2011: Mike Sheard, , Great Britain
I believe Blagoev officially holds the all time greatest Sinclair-rated lift for the Snatch with a Snatch Sinclair of 227 kg. But In any case this is definately one of the top 5 at least best snatch lifts of all time, and an excellent technician.

:: 8/29/2010: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
It is said that a man's greatness is measured by the greatness of his enemies or in this case rivals. Blagoev was unfortunate to lift in the time of Vardanian and was truly a great lifter in his own right. It is a shame that the 1984 olympics were not fully attended since he may have had enough left to make it a golden moment for himself.

:: 8/26/2010: Benny Østerbye, Roskilde , Denmark
Hi. Here is the link And the link to Blagoev Benny

:: 8/26/2010: Benny Østerbye, Roskilde , Denmark
Hi. You can se the snatch of 195 kg in 1982 form Halmstad, on my chanal at Youtube. (And other lifts from Halmstad) BennyThor

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Valery Shary beat both Stoichkov and Blagoev in the 82.5 class in Montreal '76. It was hard to predict that Blagoev would later set up such an incredible, unassailable snatch mark. By the way, I thought he did 195.5; maybe he did that AND 195. I don't think any midheavy ever came close, before or since.

:: 11/20/2009: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
One of the greatest all time snatcher, but, unless Zakharevic, never dominated his weight classes(82.5-90), being outperformed by Vardanian and Rigert, too weak in the clean&jerk.

:: 8/21/2007: SURRINDER S. Dhah, Fresno ca., U.S.A.
A few years ago, he moved to live in Australia permanently, along with his family. His snatch of 195 kg.was the greatest Snatch lift at that time. I have some of his videos from the World Championships, from around that time, but I don't know if I have that one, from Halmstad in 1982. He is one of the greatest lifters ever.

:: 7/21/2007: David, , Australia
Blagoev's snatch of 195 in 1982 in Halmstad must be one of the greatest snatches ever performed. Is there any film of this amazing feat?

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