Zygmunt Smalcerz

:: 4/4/2017: James Salemi, Franklin Park Illinois, USA
For perfect accuracy, and proper respect due, I correct myself, (again), as I misspelled Mr. Smalcerz's first name. It is Zygmunt, not Zymunt. Thank You.

:: 4/4/2017: James Salemi, Franklin Park Illinois, USA
I humbly apologize to Coach and Champion Emeritus, Zymunt Smalcerz, and the entire athletic world. The apology is because I stated, Mr. Smalcerz was the greatest statistical Featherweight in history. I meant to say, within the Flyweight Division. Thank You in advance in accepting my apology and correction.

:: 4/3/2017: James Salemi, Franklin Park Illinois, USA
Zygmunt Smalcerz, by statistical comparison, is the greatest Featherweight in history. Without his guidance as Head USA Team Coach, USA would never have won a Bronze medal in 2016 Rio Olympics, (Sarah Robles, Superheavyweight). Furthermore, the biggest obstacle USA Weightlifting has is not 'Bad or Old Technique'. It is simply we are not a sanctioned NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), sport like gymnastics or wrestling. Tragically, it's almost impossible to attract and retain the best quality and greatest quantity of athletes coming out of high schools. Why? Because academic scholarship money for Olympic Lifter Athletes for college tuition funding is almost 'non-existent' compared to sanctioned sports. The Number One priority for the USA Weightlifting Federation, (USAW), must be to lobby for athletic recognition, and entrance into the NCAA national championships. I say this: As a former Olympic Weightlifter and the greatest Body Builder of all time, call Arnold Schwarzeneggar. He'll be more than happy and qualified to Chair the presentation before the NCAA Commissioner and Trustees.

:: 5/12/2012: Mal Irwin, Brisbane QLD, Australia
At one stage Nick Ciancio donated me the suit worn by Zygmunt Smalcerz at the 1972 Olympics after they swapped after the competition. Nick figured it might fit me better than himself. I don't think the reciprocal swap would have worked either.

:: 7/5/2011: G.H. Massiha, Lafayette LA, USA
I saw Mr. Smalcerz is in MTV's 'True Life' on Thursday night. This program is about USA lifter Holley Mangold a 2010 Senior Pan Am Team member. The man looked in good shape.

:: 6/15/2010: Stephen Powell, Irmo SC, Richland
Mr. Zygmunt is now the head resident coach at the U.S. Olympic training center. I understand he speaks English well and I hope he can take weightlifting in a new direction for the U.S. most American lifters have old technique.

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