Mohamed Traboulsi

:: 10/24/2016: Cheikh Bilal Al Jundi, Montreal Quebec, Canada
One of the greatest Lebanese athlete but he was ignored by his own country. If he was a Canadian he wouldn't have to leave searching dignity outside his homeland. May ALLAH reward you Mohammad Kheir

:: 4/9/2013: Robert Kabbas, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
The IWF lists the following senior world records for Mohammed Trabulsi - all 75kg snatch: 145.5kg 22 Jun 1972 Beirut LIB; 146kg 30 Jun 1972 Amman JOR; 147.5kg 11 Nov 1972 Beirut LIB; 150kg 25 Jan 1973 Beirut LIB. Source: IWF publication 'Weightlifting 1896-1976' Author Vladan Mihajlovic

:: 7/27/2012: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
No, he set the junior world record of Middleweight in 1969 with 140kg, very great lift, equal to the junior light heavyweight record, then disappeared until the olympics of 1972. Quite tall for 75kg, 167cm, he could not do more without passing to the superior class.

:: 7/8/2012: Robert Kabbas, Melbourne Victoria, Australia
I'm sure he broke the snatch world record at least once (150kg). A good friend and a great lifter, may he rest in peace.

:: 6/29/2012: Elias ANTOUN, Paris , France
I am sorry to hear about his early death He is the only olympic medal winner in the history of Lebanon When he came back to his country and the PM (Saeb Salam then) asked him if wishes anything he said that he wishes a employment in the fire brigade ! That was granted ! What a humility in this great athele and what an incentive for the other lebaneese athletes ! In France some are offered ministerial jobs !

:: 6/8/2011: Georges Melki, Baabdat , Lebanon
Dear Roger Saad, No wonder you haven't heard about Mohamed Traboulsi's wherabouts: he passed away in 2002, at the early age of 52. He died from cancer. Regards

:: 4/19/2009: Roger Saad, Mesa Arizona, USA
He was one of the top athletes of his time. I remeber watching his lifting those heavy weights in each of the olympic games he participated in. I wish him good life and health. Haven't heard about his whereabouts for a while. God bless you Mohammad.

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