Alexander Varbanov

:: 12/15/2016: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
Very sad that such a fierce competitor and talent missed the 84 Olympics and by 88 he had already peaked and was beaten by his teammate.

:: 1/11/2013: Justin Santos, Toronto Ontario, Canada
One of the best olympic lifters of all time. Also one of the top coaches of the 20th century. I'm currently taking alex's program in Toronto at the Academy Of Lions, and it was the best decision of 2012 for me!

:: 6/12/2012: Dhani Oks, Toronto Ontario, Canada
Alex is a wonderful athlete and a superb coach. I am lucky to have him coaching our program at the Academy Of Lions in Toronto. If anyone is interested in getting private or On-Line coaching from Alex, please check our website at or email me at

:: 12/2/2011: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville MN, USA
There it stands, in black and white, for all to see: 75 kg category, C&J World Record, Seoul, Korea, 1987: 215.5 kgs (474 lbs.). Certainly one of THE greatest C&J performances ever. The guys in today's 77 kg class haven't come close to it in 20 years.

:: 7/3/2010: Charles Savoie, Fort Worth Texas, USA
90.73% of the USA supers jerk record weighing only 45.8% as much as Shane!

:: 5/31/2009: José Adalton S. Ferreira, Barueri São Paulo, Brasil
The best lifter middleweight.

:: 9/6/2007: Wladimir, Santiago , Chile
We are very glad that this sportsman come to my country to grow up the level of our sports.

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