James Bradford

:: 4/1/2017: Ajax, , USA
Class act very powerful press and jerk over 182.5 very rare for era. good representative

:: 11/20/2012: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome , Italy
Impressive phisique, much larger than Davis! over his kindness his competitors were called Davis, Shemansky, Anderson, Vlasov........... So his time did never come

:: 8/10/2008: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston , USA
Jim Bradford always considered himself a strongman, more than a weightlifter. He prided himself in being able to compete with the best weightlifters in the world with limited technique and one of the strictest pressing forms of any athlete in the world at the time. Across his career Jim won 2 US National Championships and earned silver medals at 4 World Championships and in both the 1952 and 1960 Olympic Games. In the latter case, he gave the USSR’s legendary Yuri Vlasov a run for his money. In addition to being remembered for the lifting he did do, Jim is famous for the lifting he declined to do. Competing at the World Championships in Milan, in 1951, Jim battled it out with the legendary John Davis, who was defending his undefeated record at World and Olympic Games that began in 1938. When Davis was injured during the competition, Bradford refused to take his last C&J attempt, not wanting to defeat an injured man, or force Davis to take another lift, which might have injured John further. Bradford’s act has gone down as one of the greatest displays of sportsmanship in the history of sport. (courtesy of weightlifting.org)

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