Asen Zlatev

:: 1/18/2018: JAMES ZABOUKIOS, Benicia CA, USA
Hey my good friend...I see you are still at it but a 'silver' medal....Same great technique. Send me an email if you see this, it will be great to catch up

:: 6/7/2016: Eduardo Alvarez, Parque del Plata Canelones, Uruguay
El pesista con la mejor tecnica que yo haya visto. Que lastima 1988! El oro era para él The Weightlifter with the best technique I've ever seen. Too bad 1988, gold was for him

:: 8/4/2012: James Zaboukos, San Francisco CA, USA
I have trained and spent significant time with him both in Germany and some time in Bulgaria....No secret science just an extremely talented and dedicated person....Probably the most dedicated I had ever met.

:: 6/17/2010: Charles Savoie, Bedford Texas, USA
Granted he must have been superior natural specimen however the sports science that helped him reach his potential is a guarded secret to most and his longevity is now a matter of interest. With a stockier weight to height ratio I am tempted to think he could have lifted super heavy weight totals, which he did anyway of years not too far back. It isn't that Vardanyan is too talked about, but that Zlatev does not get enough attention.

:: 5/27/2010: Roberto Barros, Belo Horizonte Minas Gerais, Brasil
Zlatev was training for Seoul olympic doing 185 snatch and 230 c & j. I have the video, Krastev was doing 220 snatch and Stefan Botev was doing 255 C & J. Too bad Bulgaria was out in that olympics.

:: 3/23/2010: Steve Wanvig, Burnsville Minnesota, USA
Same physical type as Nikolov and Vardanyan: real tall and they lifted those weights is a mystery. Winner of US-boycotted Moscow '80 Games.

:: 7/30/2008: Yechang Lee, Incheon , ROK
Too bad he couldn't compete in 88 seoul olympic. If he was there the gold was for him

:: 7/7/2008: Anthony Arthur, Newbury , Great Britain
The 225kg Clean and Jerk is outstanding. Just wished I could have seen it live.

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