Michel Broillet

:: 4/28/2017: Pierre, Amsterdam NL, Holland
Good that a Frenchman like Dr Emmanuel LEGEARD, who is himself a strongman, made Michel known worldwide, because the Swiss - according to Michel HIMSELF! - never gave a damn about him! Michel now lives in France, by the way.

:: 2/27/2017: Daniel Rod, Chavannes/Renens CH, Av. Gare 56
Membre d'Honneur du Club d'Haltérophilie et de Musculation de Lausanne CLHM qui fête 65 ans d'existence, va honorer et fêter les 40 ans du record du monde de Michel Broillet 1997-2017

:: 12/10/2016: Daniel Ducartier, Paris Paris, France
For more accurate info, you can read here the interview between the great Emmanuel Legeard and the great Michel Broillet: http://emmanuel-legeard.com/entretien-avec-michel-broillet.html

:: 12/10/2016: Daniel Ducartier, Paris Paris, France
In fact, Michel Broillet WAS officially a World record holder in the snatch, even though for only 24 hours in 1977, as explained by Emmanuel Legeard, the foremost expert in strength sports in French-speaking countries.

:: 6/26/2015: Sébastien Allaman, Geneva GE, Switzerland
Michel Broillet is absolutely not from France. He is only Swiss. He comes from the small town of Epagny, bordering the city of Gruyères in the Canton of Fribourg. Note that I am the actual president of the CH Châtelaine in Geneva, home-club of Michel Broillet.

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