Philip Grippaldi

:: 5/3/2023: Alan Holvey, Boulder Co, United States
Bobbt Hise III just recently passed on. Both Bobby as well as Phil later were involved with drugs and as a result have been rejected by the weigtlifting community for the most part. Supposidly Phil is still alive and doing well but has anger at the way he has been treated by the people in charge of Olympic Weightlifting.

:: 4/20/2023: Alan Holvey, Boulder Colo, USA
It is if he completly dissapeared from thr face of the earth for the past 15 years.

:: 10/11/2022: Alan Holvey, Boulder Colo, USA
Phil as well as Bon Hise III were two of the very best 198 pound lifters of their time. Both have had their later years totally distroyed by their drug use. also believe that Rick Holbrook was also addicted to drugs as well, although he died young.

:: 2/19/2020: Alan Holvey, Boulder Colorado, USA
Has anyone heard anything about Phil? It is going on eleven years now since any further word on him.

:: 9/21/2012: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
the usa's best 90 kg lifter ever. entered 15 national championships

:: 8/25/2012: ken kessler, Coral Springs Florida, United States
I trained at the Keasbey Eagles clubhouse infrequently during Phils hey day. He was incredible. He was a really nice guy also unlike some other top lifters. It is ashamed what has happened to him since that time.

:: 1/3/2010: steve, cedar ut, usa
What is Phil doing now? I know he went to jail. On what charge? Does anyone know.

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