Kenneth Patera

:: 11/25/2019: Victor Rosenberg, Cleveland Heights Ohio, USA
Does anyone know what all of Patera's attempts were the day he totaled 1395 pounds (505+385+505)? I've always wondered exactly how many times he set American records that day.

:: 7/24/2013: RF Johns, Cambridge Ontario, Canada
I saw Ken at the 1972 Senior Nationals in Detroit Michigan USA. He had tremendous pressing strength but was awkward on technique. He is alleged to have done 550 lbs from rack. We must give Bob Bednarski or Zhabotinsky credit for first 500 lb clean as they came earlier than Ken. Bednarski rumours were he clean and jerked 500 at 1968 Olympics in Mexico City in warm up room he was only an alternate because of poor performance at USA trials.

:: 8/20/2008: gilbert michaud, victoriaville , canada
patera was a very strong lifter. could press 510 pounds for three off racks

:: 9/17/2007: Jeff the Keyman, philadelphia/allentown pennsylvania, USA
I would like to know Ken's Training for the Press, how he trained to increase the Press

:: 6/13/2007: Art Whipple, Keene NH, USA
being a powerlifter I had read many articles on strenth training, one paticular article on the great Larry Pacifico made ref. to him training with Patera and was amazed at how ken could push himself in his training sessions. another article on strength feats reported that Patera while seated pressed behind the head an amazing 405lbs for 3-4 reps. and is reported to be the first man ever to clean 500lbs even befor vasily A. and the first american lifter to clean and jerk 500lbs. I had the pleasure to meet Ken in my late teens while I was employed by wrestling promoter Tony Santos, out of the ring I had talked weightlifting and training tech. with him. I was sad to hear of his trouble with the law some yrs later while working in the AWA promotion. he returned to the WWF now the WWE for a short time. I knew Ken through his wrestling but respected him for his weightlifting/strength/feats . I would like an update or other feedback on Ken if anyone has it thanx.

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