Anatoly Pisarenko

:: 7/9/2015: Nimiy, Kiev Non-U.S. resident, Украина
This former athlete is a criminal. He fenced off part of the municipal garden and built his villa on the river bank in the city Kiev, Ukraine. Now the old people, sportsmen and children can not get to the river and forced to look into this criminal, how he dressed in shorts walks along the coast of the state river Dniper dressed in shorts in municipal garden. Shame!

:: 4/8/2014: Will, NY, USA
Whete is Anatoli livng in New York? I live n NYC.

:: 11/16/2013: sina, , canada
Yes much more than 13 I remember:-) didick 261, Korean lifter:-) 260, nerlinger:-) 255,chigishev :-) 250, stiner:-) 258

:: 10/5/2012: Georges Melki, Beirut , Lebanon
My apologies! The CJ 250 list on this site shows there are 29 men who lifted 250kg or more! By the way, the S200 list needs to be updated, to include Behdad Salimikordasiabi. Thanks

:: 10/1/2012: Arthur Chidlovski, Boston MA, USA
I assume you are talking about the WRs? Can you list them?

:: 9/26/2012: Alexey C., Novosibirsk , Russia
Much more than 13.

:: 9/20/2012: Wally, , USA
Kim Tae Hyun or some Korean. 260kg at Sydney

:: 9/19/2012: john coniff, wheeling wv, usa
there were 14 lifters who c&j 250 kilos .Zacheravitch did 250 at 110 kilos.

:: 8/23/2012: Georges Melki, , Lebanon
In all of weightlifting history, only thirteen men have been able to lift 250kg and more overhead! These are: Alexeyev-Pisarenko-Kurlovich-Taranenko-Chemerkin-Weller-Botev-Rezazadeh-Jaber- Steiner-Udachyn-Scerbathis and Salimikordasiabi. Did I miss anyone else?

:: 1/31/2012: pablo, montevideo , uruguay
las pesas no es solo una olimpiada,para mi es poco mas que una mierda la participacion en una olimpiada,lo importante es la superacion y la fuerza,las pruebas circenses...a los monos!!! Por otra parte son muy respetables sus marcas,pero evidentemente su tecnica no es buena,hizo bien en retirarse si su ambicion era la figuracion y el dinero,estara feliz ahora,con sus brazos flacos levantando miserables 130 en press de banco.

:: 11/28/2011: alain, saint-firmin , FRANCE
j'aimerai bien le rencontrer (au dynamo de Kiev) par exemple; pour discuter avec lui et avoir des conseils .

:: 5/27/2011: Osama Mahmoud Sami, Zagazig Sharkia, Egypt
Anatoli Pisarenko is the weitghtlifting superheavy weight hestorical legend.

:: 8/10/2010: Charles Savoie, Dallas Texas, USA
In USA terms, Pisarenko was six feet, one and one-half inches in stature. One inch taller than Rezazadeh who was about 359 pounds or 163kg, 38kg heavier than Pisarenko, jerked 1.5kg less in competition.

:: 11/19/2009: Gioacchino Ricci, Rome Italy, Italy
I can't find anywhre the height of Pisarenko, can you help me? Because the meaning of his 125kg of bodyweight is related to the bodyheight However Pisarenko was(and is) unique in Superheavyveight class, he clearly showed that one doesnt need fat to break world records enven in the no limit class!

:: 9/23/2008: Dmitriy Yershov, colorado springs colorado, united states
@ 120 kg body weight 265 kg clean and jerk, 206 kg snatch is unbelivable the fastest super heavyweight ever, speed is what made him great along with tecinque.

:: 9/5/2008: jack, nsw, australia

:: 1/22/2008: joseph j. wiernasz, newington ct, usa
you are always considered by me the greatest weightlifter who ever lives. we were garage weight lifters my best c&j was 260 in 1989 at 218 body weight not great by any means. you have to admit that paul anderson was pretty strong. my neighbor brian brindle was ct. state champ 148 lbs. i seen him clean 300lbs before with some type of lift from the belt. i am 50 yrs. old now and miss lifting. you are always the greatest in my book, good luck in the future and God Bless you and your family.

:: 8/17/2007: SURRINDER S. Dhahs, Fresno ca., U.S.A.
After retiring from weightlifting, Anatoly Pisarenko got into the oil business and moved to New York, alongwith his family.

:: 7/14/2007: jim, , usa
hercules! career cut short by the russion sport political machine.

:: 4/13/2007: ghislain, sedan , france
un formidable athlete265 kg a lepauler jete pour un poid de seulement 125 kg fantastique il aurait merite d'etre champion olympique

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