Bohumil Durdis

:: 1/16/2012: Inez Deborah Emilia Altar, Assacaias Santarém, Portugal
His weight-lifting capacity is admirable for so low a weight. I may be related to a Czechoslovak musician named Heller as a DNA test I had made recently may show. My father being Herbert Otto Altar, who had commented about complicated things he had heard on a radio programme to me, in regard of health possibilities. However I am less than confident, and there is a very similar relative who has major mental problems, possibly due to ill-treatment and may be in irresponsible care often in some vehicle where he would not know how to open the door, near where I live in Assacaias, Santarém, Portugal in the European Union. I however am being persecuted because I am stronger than women of my size on average here. (Although pesticide-contamination of food may play a role but I also have eaten much of it.)

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