Pavel Pervushin

:: 10/1/2022: Kevin St. John, New York, United States
This guy really looked like he was going to be the next big thing but injured himself at home with a knife, I believe. Cut his hand badly. He looked like a stud and lifted like one, too! One of the many Heavyweights that were fighting for chances to go to Worlds in the 70's. If he hadn't gotten injured maybe Zaitsev wouldn' t have made it to the WQorlds and the Olympics

:: 5/27/2010: Kevin St. John, Rochester NY, USA
My best memory of Pervushin is photograph of him in old Strength and Health magazine. He is at the Madrid championships and is at the bottom of his snatch with the weight locked out, his arms are fully extended and he really looked ripped from a phisique standpoint. Very impressive for a heavyweight. Too bad he got injured. While he recovered other Soviets progressed and he could not make it back to the World Championships again. It shows the depth of the Soviet team at that time.

:: 5/27/2010: rolf eberhard, schweiz europa basel, schweiz
der von perwushin aufgestellte WR. im beidarmigen reissen mit 171 kg in ulm am vorolympischen turnier fotografierte ich. diese schnell hantel stange ist seit 1972 in meinem besitz. r. e

:: 10/24/2007: Jim Litsey, Evansville Indiana, U.S.A.
Had it not been for that injury, Mr. Pervushin without a doubt, would have been the greatest lifter in the history of the sport. James W. Litsey

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