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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2018

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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2018

This section of the site presents selected articles, interviews, presentations and research studies related to various aspects Olympic Weightlifting.

Grand Finale in Moscow (1971), Triumphant Team USA in 1947, Weightlifting 3.0: Stefan Topurov (Bulgaria), Lift Up: In Memoriam (2018), Robert Kabbas (Australia): Commonwealth Record in 1978, John Grimek: Working In the Foundry in the 1940s, Paul Anderson (USA): Got Muscles?,   Anatoly Khrapaty (Kazakhstan) Wins His First USSR Title (1983), Antonio Krastev (Bulgaria) in 1980, Weightlifting Team USSR In 1978, U.S. Olympic Champions of Melbourne, Trofim Lomakin (USSR): The “Bad Boy” of Soviet Weightlifting,   Strong in Akron, Ohio, All Time Christmas Records, Team Bulgaria: Preparing For the 1976 Olympics in Montreal, Ivan Abadzhiev (Bulgaria): What’s In the News Today?, Club 500: Rafik Arutyunyan (Armenia, USSR), Olympic Hopes of Asenovgrad (Bulgaria), 50 Years Ago in Alma Ata: Nikolay Kharchuk (Ukraine, USSR), Blagoy Blagoev: Training in Bulgaria, Time Off In Tatabanya (Hungary), Kaarlo Kangasniemi: Pressing in Szombathely (1970), Legendary U.S. Champions at the John Terlazzo’s Variety Show (1955), Zygmunt Smalcerz: Warsaw, 1969, 50 Years Ago in Alma Ata: Erkin Karimov (Uzbekistan, USSR), 50 Years Ago in Alma Ata: Alexander Dzhedzhelava (USSR), 50 Years Ago in Alma Ata: Boris Selitsky (USSR), 50 Years Ago in Alma Ata: Vasily Alexeev (USSR), Phil Grippaldi (USA): Toronto, 1976, Featherweight Giants: Isaac Berger (USA) and Rafael Chimishkyan (USSR, Georgia), Ravil Khabutdinov (USSR), Eternal World Records: 198kg Press By David Rigert (90kg), … And the World Title Goes to Gennady Ivanchenko!, Yury Yablonovsky: Record of the Union (1968), Imre Foldi: World Record in Budapest (1965), Nail Mukhamedyarov: National Championships in 1989, Ciro Ibanez (Cuba): Going Heavy in Havana, 1984, Albert Nasibulin (USSR, Ukraine): Donetsk, 1991, Ricardo Villalobo (Cuba): Moscow, 1978, Francisco Casamayor (Cuba): Moscow, 1978, Guy Carlton (USA): Leningrad, 1979, David Rigert: Two World Records in Rostov, Anatoly Pisarenko (USSR), Legendary Yanko Rusev Turns 60, Vladimir Ryzhenkov (USSR): 1971 Spartakiade in Moscow, Paul Anderson (USA): Showcase at the Madison Square Garden (1955), Karoly Bakos (Hungary): 1st World Record at 19, Team USA: On the Way To Berlin (1936), Joe Di Pietro (USA): World Title and Records in Philadelphia, Victor Mosibit (USSR): Spartakiade in 1983, 1981 Team USSR Weightlifting: Ready For Lille, France, Anton Baraniak (Czechoslovakia) Wins Silver in Moscow, Athletes and Coaches: Israel and Vartan Militosyan, Team USA Olympic Medalists in Rome (1960), Vladimir Belyaev (USSR): World Record in Kiev, Happy Thanksgiving!, Team USA Departs For the World Championships In Stockholm, Zygmunt Smalcerz (Poland): Winning the 1975 World Title in Moscow, USA Best in 1952: Tommy Kono and Peter George, Norbert Schemansky (USA): Got Muscles?, Leonid Zhabotinsky (USSR): The Strongest Cameraman in the World in the 1960s, Harold Toshiyuki Sakata (USA), Jaakko Kailajarvi (Finland): Where in the World is Erajarvi?, Victor Andreev (USSR): World Record in Press, Roberto “Tony” Urrutia (Cuba), Arpad Nemessanyi (Hungary): Ready For the Olympic Challenges of Mexico City, Alexander Kraychev (Bulgaria): Big Win and World Records in Szombathely, Tony Terlazzo (USA): The Last Year at the York Barbell, “Are You Ready, David?” (Moscow, 1975), Hungarian Legends: Imre Foldi and Gyozo Veres, Peter George (USA): 1st World Title at 18, Coaches and Athletes: Ibragim Kodzoev and His Champions, Bob Hoffman (USA): World War I Hero, Janos Bagocs (Hungary), Kaarlo Kangasniemi (Finland) at the 1973 Friendship Cup, Vasily Alexeev: Warm-Up in the Boxing Ring, Karl Pumpurins (Latvia) in 1971, Remembering Yurik Vardanyan: Vardanyan and Rigert, Team Hungary 1961: 5 Days Before the Worlds, Remembering Yurik Vardanyan: The Night of 5 World Records, Miracle of Nature in Moscow (1955), Weightlifting Match in Budapest (1950), Remembering Yurik Vardanyan: Olympics in 1980,   Remembering Yurik Vardanyan: World Records in 1981, Mihaly Huszka (Hungary): National Record in Budapest, Jaan Talts (Estonia): World Record in Mexico City, Legends of Hungary (1962), Yurik Vardanyan (1956-2018), Team Hungary: Preparing For the Olympics (1968), Nicu Vlad (Romania): Happy 55th Birthday!, Lee James (USA): Happy 65th Birthday!, Coaches and Athletes: Freifeld and Ivanchenko (Riga, Latvia), Sergey Pevzner: Happy 70th Birthday!, He Would Have Celebrated His 58th Birthday Today, Celebrating 71st Birthday of Sergey Poltoratsky!, Team USA 1959 and Happy Weightlifting To All in Ashgabat!, Vaclav Psenicka Sr. (Czech Republic): 112th Birthday of a True Weightlifting Legend, Viktor Sots (USSR): Training in the 1980s, Viktor Kurentsov (USSR): Vilnius, 1970, 1928 Olympics in Amsterdam: Czech Weightlifting Team, Farewell to Old Telephone Books or What Do Mark Zuckerberg, Groucho Marx and Paul Anderson Might Have in Common, Henryk Trebicki (Poland), Jan Nagy (Czechoslovakia): 1973 Friendship Cup, Dave Sheppard (USA): Unforgettable Lift in Vienna, 1954, Rigert-o-Mania: And Now For Something Completely Different Yurik Vardanyan: World Championships in Moscow (1983), Rudolf Ismayr (Germany): 110th Birthday Anniversary, David Rigert (USSR): No. 1 In the Press, Munich, 1972, Rafael Chimishkyan (USSR, Georgia): Leningrad, 1985, Vaclav Psenicka Sr. (1930, Czech Republic), John Davis (USA) Lifts the Original Apollon Wheels (1949), Nail Mukhamedyarov (USSR), Big in Japan: Soviet Weightlifting Champs and a Japanese Officer in Tokyo (1964) Alfred Neuland (Estonia), Hans Zdrazila (Czechoslovakia): Training in Prague in 1965, Dinamo Riga Weightlifting: Strong in 1971, Team U.S.A. Weightlifters Meet the Shah of Iran (1955) Team USSR Weightlifting in Feodosia (1975), Historical Requiem For a Heavyweight, Formula Kangasniemi: Relax. Focus. Win., Athletes and Coaches: Yurik Sarkisyan and Felix Aliev, Atanas Shopov (Bulgaria): Happy Birthday!, Team USSR 1975 In Feodosia, Happy 25th Birthday to Lasha Talakhadze (Georgia)!, Happy 80th Birthday to Legendary Swedish Weightlifter Ingvar Asp, Rick Holbrook (USA), Team Czechoslovakia 1936: Summer Olympics in Berlin, Team USA 1975: Pan American Games in Mexico City, Anton Baraniak (Czechoslovakia), Marian Zielinski (Poland): Preparing For the Lift, Latvia Strong In Jekabpils, Sergey Arakelov (USSR): Havirov, 1978, Team USSR: Training Camp in Feodosia (1977), Valentin Mikhailov (USSR), Yury Vlasov: Farewell to Olympic Weightlifting, Hans Zdrazila: Sofia, 1965, Mark Cameron: York, PA (1978), Yurik Vardanyan (USSR, Armenia): 5 World Records in Leningrad, 1979, Leonid Taranenko (USSR), Boris Selitsky (USSR): Leningrad, 1968, Jafar Salmasi (Iran), Mahmoud Namjou (Iran), To Boris Selitsky: Happy 80th Birthday!, American Olympians in Helsinki: Young, Strong and Beautiful, Valery Yakubovsky (USSR): World Record in Vilnius, Jan Bochenek (Poland), Ray Rigby (Australia), Yoshinobu Miyake (Japan), David Rigert (USSR): Donetsk, 1973, Tudor Fedor Kassapu (USSR, Moldova), Vladimir Kononov: Happy Birthday and Happy 40th Anniversary of the Big World Records, Eesti Tugev: Pioneers of Estonian Olympic Weightlifting, Karel Saitl (Czechoslovakia): Helsinki (1952), Sulev Tarros (Estonia, USSR), Gennady Ivanchenko: Moscow, 1971, Vartan Militosyan (USSR) in Montreal (1976), Vaclav Becvar (Czechoslovakia), Nick Ciancio (Australia), Waldemar Baszanowski (Poland): Magician of the Split Style Techniques, Team Army Wins the 1958 USSR Championships, Jean-Pierre Van Lerberghe (Belgium) in Montreal, 1976, Serge Reding (Belgium) In Training, Team USSR: After 1977 World Championships in Stuttgart, Yurik Vardanyan (1980), Olympic Weightlifting: Celebrity Endorsement, Petr Korol (USSR): World Record in Tallinn, Sung-Jip Kim (Korea): 역도, Alexander Gunyashev (USSR), Jaakko Kajlajarvi (Finland): World Record in Budapest, Adam Saidullaev (USSR), Robert Skolimowski (Poland), Bang! Norbert Schemansky (USA) Wins a World Title!, Sergey Poltoratsky (USSR) at the 1970 Friendship Cup, Jim Bradford (USA), Unsung Heroes: Yury Golubtsov (USSR), Norbert Schemansky (USA): Training in the Old Days, Stanislav Batishchev (USSR) Joins Club 600, Medal Ceremony in the Snatch Lift (Donetsk, 1981), Robert Kabbas (Australia): 2nd Gold at the Commonwealth Games, Happy Labor Day Weekend to All Iron Game Fans!, David Rigert (USSR): Here Goes the World Record!, Happy Labor Day Weekend to All Iron Game Fans!, Requiem For the Best Heavyweights (USA), Jean Debuf (France), Jan Talts: Weightlifting Champion And a Gentleman, Coaches and Athletes: Shams and Talaat (Egypt), Unsung Heroes: Dick Smitty Smith, American Legends in Stockholm ’53, Arpad Nemessanyi (Hungary), Ruben Manukyan (Armenia, USSR): Grace of Strength, Unsung Heroes: Vladimir Kononov (USSR), Grigory Novak (USSR): World Wide Premiere in Paris, Sergey Pevzner (USSR), Rolf Maier (France), Peter George: The Early Magician of the Squat Style Snatch, Vladimir Pushkarev (USSR), Team USA Weightlifting in Egypt (1955), Tommy Kono (Munich, 1955), Once Upon a Time When the King of Middle Heavyweight Spoke Finnish, Team USSR in the Birch Forest, Peter George: American Weightlifting Classics in Action, Jaakko Kailajarvi (Finland) At His 4th Summer Olympics, Anatoly Khrapaty (USSR and Kazakhstan), Sergey Arakelov (USSR), Team USA: Olympic Champions of Helsinki, Phil Grippaldi (USA) in Montreal (1976), David Rigert: The Last Tournament, Where Were You On July 25, 1976?, Everybody Loves the York Barbell, Dave Sheppard (1953), Yurik Sarkisyan (USSR/Armenia/Australia), Bantamweight Karel Prohl (Czechoslovakia) Goes For 145kg (1975), Best In the Middle Heavyweight (USSR, 1971), Stanley Stanczyk: Golden Age Classics of American Weightlifting (1947), Ivan Ivanov (Bulgaria), Coaches and Athletes: Augustyn Dziedzic and Zygmunt Smalcerz (Poland), Yury Vlasov (USSR): Early 1960s, Russian Weightlifting Turns 133 Years Old Today!, Anatoly Pisarenko in Odessa (1983), Daniel Nunez (Cuba), Josef Manger (Germany), Xenia Sarandaliev (Bulgaria), Gennady Ivanchenko (USSR): Outdoor Training, Karoly Bakos (Hungary), Sergey Poltoratsky (USSR), Doug Hepburn (Canada), Charles Darwin, John Grimek and Marquis the Chimpanzee in London, Viktor Bushuev in Rome (1960), Closing Ceremony: USSR Championships (1946), Nicu Vlad (Romania), Damian Damianov (1979-2018), Happy Birthday to Gennady Ivanchenko!, Jim George (USA), New Wave of Olympic Weightlifters (Bulgaria, 1971), Norbert Schemansky Wins Olympic Title and Sets a New World Record, David Rigert: The Hero of a Memorable Epoch, Jan-Olov Nolsjo (Sweden) Turns 70!, Dito Shanidze, Valery Kuznichenko, Uolevi Kahelin (Finland), Kaarlo Kangasniemi Wins Again (1970), Arvo Ojalehto (Finland), Paul Anderson in Egypt (1955), Zygmunt Smalcerz: A Class Act of Olympic Weightlifter, Jaan Talts: The Last Tournament of the Legend, Jozsef Jacso (Hungary), Leonid Zhabotinsky in Berlin (1966), Fedor Bogdanovsky, Alexander Falameev, Super Heavyweight Winners in 1973, The Last Chance of Rudolf Plukfelder, Rumen Teodosiev (Bulgaria), Pavel Pervushin (1973), Julian Creus (Great Britain), Alberto Blanco (Cuba), Muscle Beach CCCP Style (1950), Hungarian Weightlifting Super Stars Go To See Bolshoy Theater in Moscow, Ibragim Samadov Wins the World Title in 1991, Trendafil Stoychev (Bulgaria), Vasily Kolotov (CCCP), Free Ride in Paris (1950), Grigory Novak at the Olympic Press Medal Ceremony (1971), Frank Spellman (USA), Top European Heavyweights in Helsinki, Team CCCP Weightlifting in Sukhumi (1957), Zygmunt Smalcerz (Poland), Joseph Manger (Germany) and Steve Stanko (USA), Paul Anderson (USA), Coaches and Athletes: Marchuk and Akopyants, Team Finland (1964), Olympic Team Bulgaria 1976, Hello, Mexico City! Bo Johansson is Here!, Polska Slawa: Three Milestone Lifters of Team Poland, Leonid Taranenko, The Brothers Kailajarvi in 1965, Dave Sheppard (USA) in Melbourne, Anatoly Kozlov (CCCP), Michel Broillet (Switzerland), Rolf Milser (Germany), Per Ingvar Asp in Tokyo, Olympic Champions Prefer the Kabbas Gym, Rumen Alexandrov (Bulgaria), French Planes Are Not a Challenge For the Strongest Man in the World, Mahmood Fayad (Egypt), Ivan Udodov, Big Joy After a Big Win, Rafael Chimishkyan, Waldemar Baszanowski (Poland), Unsung Heroes: Vladimir Starostenko (CCCP), Dimitar Tramburdzhiev (Bulgaria), Power Snatch by Captain America, Happy and Strong in 1955, ... and the Team of the Strong, Happy 4th of July!, Viktor Solodov, Gold Olympic Medal in Berlin (1936), Yurik Vardanyan: Training in the Woods, George Popov (CCCP), Team Sulyemeles 1963, Olympic Press by Jaakko Kailajarvi (Finland), Always Ready For the Challenge, Yordan Bikov (Bulgaria), Sultan Rakhmanov: Leningrad, 1979, Nikolay Kostylev, Team USSR Weightlifting (1950), Kanybek Osmonaliev, World Records in Tallinn, Gudmundur Sigurdsson (Iceland), Ingvar Asp (Sweden), Vasily Alexeev in Ryazan (1976), Eugene Katsura in Budapest (1962), Kaarlo Kangasniemi (1969), John Davis (1947), Happy Birthday To Dr. Peter George!, Do Biceps Matter in Olympic Weightlifting?, Alexander Kurlovich in Seoul (1988), Blagoy Blagoev (Bulgaria), Khristo Plachkov in Manila, Powerful Blur, Juhani Avellan (Finland), Tony Terlazzo On His Way For an Olympic Medal, Rookie Featherweight Yanko Rusev (Bulgaria), U.S. Weightlifting Legend in Moscow (1958), Karoly Ecser (Hungary), Teammates CCCP Weightlifting, 1970s, Dragomir Cioroslan (Romania), The 1st World Champion For Poland, Painonnosto and Tyngdlyftning, Team CCCP Weightlifting (1981), Mincho Pashov (Bulgaria), Austrian President, Bulgarian Champion and Miss Philippines, Jan-Olov Nolsjo (Sweden), Norbert Schemansky Wins a World Title in Vienna, Yordan Mitkov in Montreal, Miracle of Nature in the Madison Square Garden, Hans Bettembourg (Sweden), Krastyu Semerdzhiev (Bulgaria), Kutsenko in Paris, Vladimir Svetilko, Gyorgy Koszegi (Hungary), The Last USSR Champion in the Light Heavyweight, Vægtløftning and Tyndliftning in Color, Aslanbek Yenaldiev, Kalevi Lahdenranta (Finland), Best Heavy Middleweights in 1972, Valery Ustyuzhin, Amazing Valentin Khristov (Bulgaria), Tyngdlyftning Means Weightlifting (Take 2), Tyngdlyftning Means Weightlifting, Stanczyk in Helsinki, Alexander Varbanov (Bulgaria), 35 Years Ago in Moscow, Hungarian Milestone Weightlifter, Andras Stark (Hungary), What To Do In Belgium On a Friday Night?, Andon Nikolov, Three Generations of Swedish Weightlifters, Team USA in Egypt (1955), Nurikian (Bulgaria), Pavel Pervushin, Soviet Weightlifters of the 1st Decade After the WWII, Bulgarian Weightlifters In Moscow (1958), Igor Nikitin, Pervy in Frunze (1982), Super Night For Yury Zakharevich, Mohamed Traboulsi (Lebanon), Sevdalin Marinov (Bulgaria), Ivan Veselinov (Bulgaria), Be a Champ! Lift Like Alexander Kraychev!, Mladen Kuchev (Bulgaria), How Much Warm-Up Space Did the Oldtime Legends Need To Win?, Ingemar Franzen (Sweden), Oleg Karayanidi, Olympic Press Lift in Teheran, Olympic Team USA 1948 In London, Vladimir Kaplunov, And the Olympic Gold Medal Goes To… Ivan Udodov (USSR), Dito Shanidze, Rakhmanov (1982), Starry Night of Asen Zlatev in Moscow, World Record by David Rigert, Ken Patera (USA), Klas -Ove Johansson (Sweden), Golden Age of American Weightlifting: Secrets in a Nutshell, 1st Snatch by Stoichev in Moscow, Petr Pavlasek (Czechoslovakia), George Asanidze (Georgia), Two Olympic Champions: Andon Nikolov and David Rigert, Remembering Chuck Vinci: Weightlifting Match in 1958, Remembering Chuck Vinci: First Gold Medal at the Olympics, Remembering Chuck Vinci: Melbourne 1956, Sevdalin Marinov, Chuck Vinci (1932-2018), Neno Terziyski (Bulgaria), Alexander Bozhko in the 1930s, Einar Eriksson of Sweden, Frank Capsouras (USA), Swiss Sharp Lifter of the 1970s, Super Heavyweights Line-up in Fergana, Junior From Bulgaria, Bulgarian Lightweight Ivan Abadzhiev, Imre Foldi of Hungary, Hold It!.. And Australia Goes Wild, “Ladies and gentlemen… Alexander Bozhko!”, Clyde Emrich (USA), Nedelcho Kolev of Bulgaria, Team USSR Weightlifting in 1954, Leif Nilsson of Sweden, Coaches and Athletes: Bozhko and Lomakin, Soviet Weightlifters in Montreal, Rakhmanov, Athletes and Coaches: Kurlovich and Savitsky, Alexander Galkin, Super Super Super Heavyweights, Sergo Ambartsumyan, Yanko Rusev (Bulgaria), John Davis in Milan, Super Heavyweights Can Jump, Americans in Stockholm, Cameraman in Moscow (1983), Geza Toth of Hungary, Valentin Khristov (1971), World Record by Sergey Pevzner, Bulgaria 3 CCCP 1, Vladimir Kuznetsov, World Record in Riga, Opening Ceremony of Summer Olympics in Rome, Ivanchenko, Weightlifters of the 1950s, Nikolay Kolesnikov, World Record By Jordan Mitkov, Pride of Norway, Team Bulgaria 1972, Atanas Kirov: The Last World Title, Royal Handshake In Moscow, Bo Johansson of Sweden, Legendary John Grimek, Anton Kodzhabashev at the 1978 Friendship Cup, World Records By Kono, To Moscow!.. To Moscow!.., Coaches and Athletes: Kudyukov and Rakhmanov, Getting Ready For the Olympics, Pisarenko in Training, Abadzhiev and Prilepin, Gyozo Veres: Early Years, Trendafil Stoichev, Bulgaria, Oleg Kechko, Norair Nurikian, Sparre and Bukharov, Stefan Topurov Opens a New Weightlifting Era, Coaches and Athletes: Krinitsky and Pisarenko, Coaches and Athletes: Yagly-Ogly and Pavlov, Coaches and Athletes: Kakhiashvili and Grikurov, Titans of Estonian Olympic Weightlifting, Alexander Varbanov (Bulgaria), Hello, World! Grigory Novak Is Here!, From America To Bulgaria, King of Belgium Loves Olympic Weightlifting, Asen Zlatev, Who’s On First?, Israel Militosyan, Weightlifting Super Powers of the 1970s, Team USA Weightlifting Goes To Warsaw, Atanas Shopov of Bulgaria, Lee James: American Weightlifting Cinderella Man, Bulgaria: On Top of the World, Georgi Todorov of Bulgaria, First Soviet World Champion Ever, Joe Dube of Jacksonville, FL In Mexico City (1968), USA vs. USSR: Firm Handshake in 1956, Grigory Novak: King of Olympic Press, Israel Mekhanik, Legendary Rudolf Plukfelder: Now and Then, Pioneers of Olympic Weightlifting, Grachev, How Much Did It Cost To Fly From Moscow To Los Angeles In 1984?, Legendary Tommy Kono in Helsinki, Olympic Team USA Weightlifting (1964), G.Ivanchenko In Szombathely, Hungary, Pekka Niemi, Olympic Medalist of Finland, Yevgeny Minaev, Featherweight Legend, Team Georgia Weightlifting in the 1950s, To Yury Vlasov: Mirror of Time, Starry Night of Yurik Vardanyan, CrossFit 1955, Club 500 Interactive, The Eagle Has Landed, Unforgettable Serge Reding of Belgium, Three World Records by Zakharevich, Miracle of Nature in Moscow, Ozimek of Poland, World Record In Tallinn, Alexander Kurlovich (1961-2018), After the Medal Ceremony in Tokyo, Russ Knipp (USA), Rudolf Mang (1950-2018), Louis Martin: British Weightlifting Legend, Photo Report: Tokyo International (1979), Golovanov, Eternal World Records: 157.5kg Press By M.Kuchev, Eternal World Records: 213.5kg Press By Y.Kozin, 1st Chinese World Record Maker, World Legend of the Middleweight, Urrutia, Zaytsev, Zhabotinsky, Reading Finnish Newspaper, Legendary John Davis in Paris, Vladimir Marchuk, Featherweight Katsura, Yordan Bikov of Pazardzhik, Tregubov, Rigert in Montreal (1976), Athletes and Coaches: Yenaldiev and Dorokhin, Eternal Record in 1972, Viktor Andreev, Baszanowski, Makinen (Suomi), Kanygin (CCCP), Legendary V.Kurentsov: 52 years ago in East Berlin, Strong For Greece In 1972, Rigert-o-Mania: Snatch Blast From the Past, Boris Selitsky: Quiz, World Record in Press, Heavy Back Squats at the Muscle Beach, The Last World Record Of Vasily Alexeev, Stanley Stanczyk Wins the Gold For the USA (1948), Zhabotinsky, Cold War: Americans in Moscow, Borisenok, National Champion Ivanchenko, Vartan Militosyan, USSR National Snatch Champions (1980), Sots, Super Heavyweight Medalists (1967), Proud To Be An American (1972), Alexander Gunyashev In Sweden, Jouko Leppa of Finland, Gennady Bessonov, Training in Stockholm, Ruslan Tarkil, Mario Martinez (1957-2018), First Russian World Champion, Pisarenko (1981), Olympic Press Lift By N.Schemanski, First World Championship Of Naim Suleymanoglu, First Attempt. No Lift., Training With Team CCCP, Sergey Lee (Kyrgyzstan), Finnish Way: Split Style Clean in the Snow, Alexander Kurlovich, Icelandic Lyftingar: Gudmundur Sigurdsson, Athletic Club Of Dr. Kraevsky, Kanybek, Ibrahim Shams in London (1948), Snatch Lifting By the King of Jerk, and more at LiftUp @ Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski

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