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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2019

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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2019

This section of the site presents selected articles, interviews, presentations and research studies related to various aspects Olympic Weightlifting.

Olympic Press Lift by Peter George (USA) in Helsinki, 1952, 100th Birthday of Legendary Grigory Novak (1919-1980), Yury Duganov (USSR) Sets New World Record in Snatch, Grand Finale at the Summer Olympics in 1952, Olympic Heavyweight Champions (London, 1948), Vaclav Psenicka Jr (Czechoslovakia), Kanybek Osmonaliev Becomes an Olympic Champion in 1980, Athletes and Coaches: Dean Lukin and Leon Holme, Olympic Hopes of Bulgaria in Training, Heavyweight Champions: 1979 USSR Spartakiade, Arnold Luhaaar: Cutting-Edge Technicians From Estonia, Yury Chimrov (1956-2019), Two Generations of Olympic Weightlifters From the Dynamo Club, Australian Champions: Happy and Strong in Brisbane, 1982, Henryk Trebicki (Poland), Bram Charite (Netherlands) in London, 1948, Valery Kravchuk (USSR, Ukraine), Coaches and Athletes: Rudolf Plukfelder and Alexey Vakhonin, Jaroslav Skobla (Czechoslovakia) in Amsterdam, 1928, Soviet Weightlifters of the 1970s at the Baltic Cup, Pavel Khek (Czechoslovakia), Athletes and Coaches: Grigory Krivonos and Valery Kravchuk, Gosta Magnusson (Sweden): Bronze Olympic Medal in London Janos Benedek (Hungary), Athletes and Coaches: Israel and Vartan Militosyan Happy 75th Birthday to Joe Dube (USA)!, 1970 Team Czechoslovakia: R&R in Darkov, Pavel Pervushin (USSR, Russia): World Records in Tashkent Vladimir Pushkarev (USSR, Russia): Austria, 1951, Zdravko Stoichkov (Bulgaria), Vladimir Marchuk (USSR, Russia) Wins a National Title in 1980, Tony Urrutia (USA) at the 1988 Friendship Cup, Ivan Abadzhiev (Bulgaria): 87 Years Ago the Legend of Olympic Weightlifting Was Born, Athletes and Coaches: Yury Vlasov and Suren Bogdasarov, Amir Azizov (USSR, Ukraine), Gosta Magnusson (Sweden), Gennady Chetin (USSR/Russia), The Last Champions of the USSR: 100kg Class, Light Heavyweight Olympic Medalists (London, 1948), Kamal Mahgoub (Egypt): Helsinki, 1952, Anatoly Pisarenko: Three World Records and 1st National Title in 1982, Six Degree of Separation From Paul Anderson (USA), Israil Arsamakov (USSR/Russia): Moscow, 1983, Norb Schemansky Wins the 1952 Olympics In Helsinki, Adam Gnatov: World Record at the USSR Spartakiade in 1971, Happy 110th Birthday to Nikolay Shatov!, Dan Cantore (USA) in Havana, 1973, Klemens Roguski and Augustyn Dziedzic (Poland), Alexander Kidyaev (USSR/Ukraine): Mission Possible in 1967, Louis Hostin: French Style Answer to the Triumph of the Will in Berlin, 1936, Team Canada: 1954 British Empire and Commonwealth Games, "Daddy, Take Me To the Olympics!", American Middleweight Champions in London (1948), Valery Shary (USSR/Belarus): Heavy Clean in Tashkent in 1973, Team Czechoslovakia at 1972 Danube Cup, Good Read For a Good Lift, World Champion Doug Hepburn: Be Strong. Be Canadian!, Waldemar Baszanowski (Poland), Välkommen till Stockholm, herr Yury Vlasov!, Team Canada at the Summer Olympics in Helsinki (1952), Atanas Shopov (Bulgaria): Munich, 1972, Victor Sots (USSR): Sofia, 1977, Peter George (USA): Helsinki, 1952, Olympic Team Canada in Melbourne (1956), Zbigniew Kaczmarek (Poland): World Record in East Berlin, Kazimierz Czarnecki (Poland), Norbert Schemansky (USA): Back in Detroit in 1966, Arnold Khalfin (USSR), Viktor Bushuev (USSR): 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Jan Wojnowski (Poland), Mieczyslaw Nowak (Poland), Arnold Khalfin Turns 90, Doug Hepburn (Canada): Vancouver, 1954, Tommy Kono in Moscow (1955), Nikolay Koshelev: The Father of the 1st Soviet Shtanga, Athletes and Coaches: Mark Cameron and Dick "Smitty" Smith, Vladimir Stogov (USSR): 1955 USSR vs. USA Match in Moscow, Dave Sheppard in Moscow (1955), Jan. 26, 2019 – Biography Book by Kaarlo Kangasniemi Will Be Out On Sale, Remembering John Davis (USA, 1921-1984), U.S. Weightlifters in Moscow (1955), Two Generations of Heavyweights: Paul Anderson and Joe Dube (both USA), Two Generations of Heavyweights: Leonid Zhabotinsky and Vasily Alexeev (both USSR), Jan. 26, 2019 – New Book by Kaarlo Kangasniemi Will Be Out On Sale In Sweden, Stefan Dimitrov (Bulgaria), Juhani Mursu (Finland/Sweden), Vasily Alexeev: Seven World Records in One Night (Moscow, 1971), Bill March (USA), Eugene Katsura: World Championships in Budapest, Mitrofan Kosarev: Bantamweight Champion Who Never Lost, Melbourne 1956: Requiem For the Bantamweights, Mukharby Kirzhinov (USSR/Russia) Turns 70, Rafael Chimishkyan (Georgia, USSR): Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, Grand Finale in Moscow (1971), and more at LiftUp @ Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski

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