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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2020

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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2020

This section of the site presents selected articles, interviews, presentations and research studies related to various aspects Olympic Weightlifting.

Norb Schemansky: 1952 Olympic Tryouts, Marian Zielinski: 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome, Vasily Alexeev: Big in London (1974), Rigoulot (1924), Nosseir (1928), Gennady Ivanchenko (USSR): Pressing Strong in 1971, Nikolay Laputin (USSR): 1947 European Championships in Helsinki, Schemansky vs. Zhabotinsky (Moscow, 1963), 1975 World Championships: Bantamweight Medalists, Lennart Dahlgren: This one is for you, Mother Sweden!, Lifting Happy in NYC: Dave Sheppard vs. Arkady Vorobyev in 1958, Athletes and Coaches: Viktor Perepelkin and Boris Severov (Estonia, USSR), 50 Years Ago: Vasily Alexeev Reaches the 600kg Milestone!, Mohammad Ami Tehrani (Iran), 1935-2020, Valentin Khristov (Bulgaria): Montreal, 1976, Boris Pavlov: USSR Spartakiade in 1971, Grigory Novak (USSR): Born to Press Heavy, Robert Kabbas (Australia) Turns 65, Yury Zaytsev: Montreal (1976), Arkady Vorobyev: Gold Medal in Kaunas, Lithuania, Isaac Berger (USA): 1959 World Championships in Warsaw, Vladimir Golovanov: Training for the Olympics in Tokyo, Anatoly Kozlov Turns 65, Anatoly Kozlov Turns 65, Ivan Veselinov: The Lionheart of Bulgarian Weightlifting, Karl Pumpurins (USSR, Latvia): Before the Lift, Louis Martin (Great Britain): Winning the 1st World Title in Warsaw (1959), Leonid Zhabotinsky: Training Session in Mexico City (1967), Yury Kozin (USSR, Russia): 1971 USSR Spartakiade, Peter George (USA): What to Do in Munich During the Octoberfest 1955?, Masashi Ohuchi (Japan): World Record in Warsaw, 1969, Super Heavyweight Champions in Lima, 1971, Dzhamal Panakhov (1954-2020), Vasily Kolotov: Hunting For a World Record In Ulm, Unsung Heroes: Yury Rascheskin (USSR, Uzbekistan), Vyacheslav Klokov (USSR): The Night of Four World Records, Stan Stanczyk (USA) Wins His 3rd World Title In Scheveningen, Evgeny Minaev: 1967 USSR Spartakiade, Weightlifting Americana: Ike Berger at the Venice Beach, Valery Yakubovsky: 1971 USSR Spartakiade, Anatoly Kozlov: Preparing for the Lift in 1975, 1972 Summer Olympics: And the Heavyweight Winners Are..., Unsung Heroes: Valentin Kuzmin (USSR, Russia), Happy Birthday to Brian Strange of Great Britain!, Once Upon a Time in Los Angeles, Fedor Bogdanovsky (USSR): Split-Style Snatching in Stockholm, 1958, Group Hug of the Heavyweights (1961), 1972 Summer Olympics: And the Middleweight Winners Are..., Viktor Kurentsov (USSR): Preparing For the Press Lift, Fasten Your Seatbelts, We Are About to Fly To Russia (1955), Rafael Chimishkyan: Vienna, 1954, Olympic Medalists in the 90kg Class Salute to Montreal (1976), Karel Saitl (Czechia), 1924-2020, Anatoly Pisarenko: 1978 National Championships in Kiev, Remembering Vasily Alexeev (1942-2011), Valerios Leonidis (Greece, Russia), Close-Up: Norbert Schemansky (USA), Abdul Wahid Aziz (Iraq), Lift Up: In Memoriam (2019), and more at LiftUp @ Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski

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