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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2021

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Lift Up Blog Articles in 2021

This section of the site presents selected articles, interviews, presentations and research studies related to various aspects Olympic Weightlifting.

Lift Up: In Memoriam (2021), Vladimir Vilkhovsky at the 1953 National Teams Championships in Sverdlovsk, Isaac Berger: Legendary Featherweight Turns 85!, Norbert Schemansky (USA): 70 years Ago in Milan, Team CCCP at the Opening Ceremony of the 1968 European Championships in Leningrad Gennady Bessonov Wins the Pannonia Cup in Hungary, Yanko Rusev (Bulgaria) Wins a European Title and Sets 3 World Records in Varna, Ivan Grikurov (1951-2021), Golden Era of American Weightlifting: U.S. Champions in NYC (1952), David Rigert: Winning the World Title at the Luzhniki Arena in Moscow, Golden Era of American Weightlifting: Remembering the Legends, Clyde Emrich (1931-2021), Alexander Kraychev Is 70, Yordan Mitkov (Bulgaria) Wins the European Championships in Varna, Yury Vlasov Performs an Olympic Press Lift at the 1964 Europeans in Moscow, Anatoly Pisarenko at the 1980 USSR Championships, Legendary Hans Zdrazila is 80!, Got Biceps? Phil Grippaldi Turned 75!, Yury Zaytsev Wins the USSR Cup in Frunze, Serge Reding of Belgium Performs an Olympic Press in Leningrad, Gunther Wu and Adam Gnatov (Lubeck, 1971), Gunther Wu and Adam Gnatov (Lubeck, 1971), Ivan Veselinov: 1959 World Championships in Warsaw, 17-year Old Yury Zakharevich Wins the 1980 USSR Cup, David Rigert Sets New World Record in Beograd, Chen Jingkai: When China Went World Class Heavy in Weightlifting, Leonid Taranenko Wins His 1st National Title, Yurik Sarkisyan is 60!, Gennady Ivanchenko is 75, Peter George (1929-2021), Olympics in Tokyo: Bantamweights Champions In the Spotlight of Time, Training Camp in Fergana, Uzbekistan, Lightweight Winners in the 67.5kg Class at the 1958 Prize of Moscow, Weightlifting Team in the Olympic Village in Tokyo, Japan, Legendary Jaakko Kailajarvi Celebrates his 80th Birthday, Olympics in Tokyo: Big in Japan, Happy 92nd Birthday to Dr. Peter George!, Olympics in Tokyo: Finnish Olympians Go To Japan, Olympics in Tokyo: U.S. Olympians Choose the Pan Am To Go To Japan!, Olympics in Tokyo: Hungarian Champions Choose the MALEV!, Frank Rothwell Celebrates His 85th Birthday, Christmas Eve with Legendary Charles Rigoulot of France (Paris, 1924), Igor Kalashnikov: World Record in Press in Tallinn, Zygmunt Smalcerz Turns 80!, Rookie U.S. Bantamweight Chuck Vinci in Munich, Germany, David Rigert: Preparing For a Heavy Lift in Zaporozhye, 1974, Friendly Armwrestling Match: Vasily Alexeev and Jaan Talts in Paris, Vasily Alexeev (USSR): World Record in Yerevan (1974), Remembering Vaclav Psenicka Jr. (1931-2015) of Czech Republic Pioneers of Olympic Weightlifting: Jan Sparre Sr. (Latvia, USSR), Plamen Asparukhov (Bulgaria) at the 1980 Olympics in Moscow, Sergey Ayrapetov (Azerbaijan, USSR) at the 1982 USSR Championships, Hooray-Hooray to "Hoa-Hoa" Dahlgren of Sweden, Coaches and Athletes: Dick "Smitty" Smith and Lee James (USA) Arkady Vorobyev Wins the 90kg Class at the 1958 Prize of Moscow, Dave Sheppard: American Rookie Wins a Silver World Medal in Milan, Viktor Kurentsov (Russia, USSR): 1941-2021, Clyde Emrich (USA) Celebrates His 90th Birthday!, Viktor Kurentsov Turns 80!, World Record at the European Championships in Moscow, 1965 Prize of Moscow International: Team USSR at the Opening Parade, Paul Anderson (USA) at the Green Theater in Moscow (1955), Alexander Kurlovich (Belarus, USSR): The Last Champion of the USSR (1991), Grigory Novak Wins a World Title in Paris (1946), Gyozo Veres (Hungary) Wins the World Title and Sets 2 World Records in Stockholm, 1967 USSR Spartakiade: Top 6 in the 82.5kg Class, Club 500: Alexey Medvedev (USSR, Russia), Yury Vlasov (USSR), Isaac Berger (USA), Eino Makkinen (Finland) at the Scala Theater in London, 1961, Club 500: Joe Dube (USA) Sets a New World Record in York, PA (1968), Coaches and Athletes: Yury Vlasov and Suren Bogdasarov, Yury Vlasov (1935-2021): Farewell to a Legend, Yury Vlasov (1935-2021): Farewell to a Legend, Meet the Press: Feodosia, circ. 1978, Ota Zaremba (Czechoslovakia): Leningrad, 1979, Club 500: George Dyachenko (Ukraine, USSR), Club 500: Alexander Dzhedzhelava (Georgia, USSR), Olympic Champion Kaarlo Kangasniemi Turns 80!, 17-year Old Antonio Krastev (Bulgaria) Sets a New Junior World Record in Debrecen, Vyacheslav Klokov (Russia, USSR) Wins the Snatch Competition (Moscow, 1983), 1950 WC Medal Ceremony in the 82.5kg Class in Paris, Valery Yakubovski (USSR): WR Attempt in Olympic Press (206.5kg) in 1971, Aslambek Ediev (Russia): 1991 USSR Championships in Donetsk, Leonid Zhabotinsky Sets World Records at the 1964 Prize of Moscow, Naim Suleymanov: Two World Records in Moscow (1983), All-Time Best Champions in the History of U.S. Olympic Weightlifting, Olympic Champion Yury Zaytsev Turns 70, Club 500: Nikolay Khoroshaev (Russia, USSR), Club 500: Yury Yablonovsky (Ukraine, USSR) Gogi Gurgenyan at the Izmaylovo Weightlifting Hall (Moscow, 1983), Julio Echenique (Cuba): 4 World Records in Santiago (1979) John Davis (USA, 1921-1984): 100th Birth Anniversary of a Legend, Anatoly Pisarenko: National Championships in Dnepropetrovsk (1982), Norbert Schemansky Goes For a World Record In Snatch (Tokyo, 1964), Arvid Andersson (Sweden): 1952 Summer Olympics in Helsinki, Kanybek Osmonaliev: 1979 USSR Spartakiade in Leningrad, Alexander Varbanov (Bulgaria): Debut in Moscow, David Rigert Gets Ready For a Big Lift (1975), Lift Up: In Memoriam (2020) and more at LiftUp @ Chidlovski Blog Chidlovski

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