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:: Born in 1935 Died in 2010
:: Country: China
:: Summer Olympics and World Championships Medals:
   No medals won.
:: Weight Classes Competed in:
   Bantamweight (56KG), Featherweight (60KG),
:: World Records: 9
:: More Info:
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Olympic Medals and Results 

Year Weight Rank Results (kg)
No medals won.

World Championships: Medals and Results 

Year Weight Rank Results (kg)
No medals won.

Other Tournaments

Date Tournament Host Weight Rank Results (kg)
3/6/1958 Moscow Prize Moscow, USSR Bantamweight 1 92.5+90+135= 317.5
3/14/1959 Moscow Prize Moscow, USSR Featherweight 2 107.5+95+147.5= 350

World Records Counter: 9 records

Press Snatch Jerk Total2 Total3
0 0 9 0 0

World Records by Jingkai Chen

Date Lift Type Result Weight Class Location
  Note: * Unofficial world records
6/7/1956 Clean and Jerk  133  Bantamweight  Shanghai
11/11/1956 Clean and Jerk  135  Bantamweight  Kanton
11/29/1956 Clean and Jerk  135.5  Bantamweight  Shanghai
12/21/1956 Clean and Jerk  137.5  Bantamweight  Tianjin
8/7/1957 Clean and Jerk  139.5  Bantamweight  Moscow
12/10/1957 Clean and Jerk  144  Featherweight  Beijing
10/24/1962 Clean and Jerk  150  Featherweight  Okajama
4/20/1963 Clean and Jerk  150.5  Featherweight  Shanghai
5/18/1964 Clean and Jerk  151  Featherweight  Nankin
1958* Clean and Jerk  140.5  Bantamweight  Leipzig
1959* Clean and Jerk  148  Featherweight  Moscow
1961* Clean and Jerk    Featherweight  Beijing

Clip-0-Rama @ Lift Up: Jingkai CHEN

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Jingkai Chen In Action

Jingkai CHEN



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